List of Souvenirs

  1. Bus Tickets From 60's To The 70's And 80's

    Bid: Only S$8988 | Offer: Below S$9000
    Description: From The Sunday Times of 3rd October 1999 (Singapore News Paper).
  2. A Pair of Squirrels Collected From Chung Khiaw Bank Ltd

    Bid: Only S$12000 | Offer: Below S$12050
    Description: Metallic Coin Case For Starters.
  3. A Pair of Big Headed China Boys Carrying Golden Pigs

    Bid: Only S$12100 | Offer: Below S$12850
    Description: 1959 Door Gift Commemorating 10 Years of Progress From Chung Khiaw Bank Ltd.
  4. A Collection of 1 Lot Unused Bus Tickets Last Traded In 1964

    Bid: S$1680 | Offer: Below S$1730
    Description: About One Thousand Two Hundred Pieces!
  5. A Series of Mesmerising Lucky Numbers Found With Accompanying Bus Tickets

    Bid: Only Highest Offers Secure | Offer: Subject To Availability
    Description: A Ticket To Ride Or A Journey To The Future.
  6. A Three Legged Mythical Jade Toad

    Bid: Only $S11200 | Offer: Below $S11400
    Description: Weighing 4 KG Solid Jade. Signifying Wealth Is About To Come.
  7. Rare Match-Boxes

    Bid: Only S$5580 | Offer: Below S$5790
    Description: A Novice Collection of Match-Boxes From Hotels Across 7 Continents.
  8. Collection of Rare Standing Match-Boxes

    Bid: Only S$5510 | Offer: Below S$5630
    Description: Match-Boxes Which Can Stand & Save Environment Literally.